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Canopus is the first DeFi protocol in Avalanche & Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network which focuses on stability, improvement of transaction speed, reducing the fee and a permissionless money market for Yield Farming & Staking
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Canopus Network Protocol

Canopus Solution

As complex and far-reaching as the aforementioned problems are, the solution to the fundraising problem is quite simple. Canopus will offer the following features:
  • Low volatility
  • Safe Applications
  • Faster completion
  • Intuitive design
  • Less expensive transactions with higher throughput
  • Ability to move assets between blockchains
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Chain Bridge

The bridge allows two economically independent and technologically different chains to communicate with each other.


Find out what has been done and what will happen in the near future


Our Pools offer projects several advantages over current models

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Canopus Supported Chains & Exchanges Platforms

Canopus for Investors

Ultimately in conclusion we offer secure, fast and transparent fundraising that empowers the right teams to help move the space forward. Canopus is an investor-focused platform that supports rather than confuses members by offering an environment in which everyone wins. Our culture is built on rewarding innovative and talented teams that deliver real value through rewarding apps and forward-thinking development.
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Your new investment modeling

Canopus is a decentralized galactic network protocol that will offer token pools and auctions, allowing teams to raise funds for their projects in a permissionless and compliant environment using the Avalanche blockchain.
  • Stable price
  • Predictable results
  • More informed investors
  • Reliable and compatible
  • Fair distribution of tokens
  • Positive community opinion
  • OTC trading, auctions, whitelisted sales

We help to transform your Idea / Project
into crypto market


It all starts with an idea and the Canopus team can help you bring it to life.
  • Business Coaching
  • Easy way to fund your project
  • Financial Advise
  • Turnkey Solution
  • 24/7 Support

Making Market

Canopus service to ensure your token's aftermarket success & organic hype. It will create a healthy market for your investors and build hot demand for volume and growth.
  • Liquidity Injection & Management
  • High Frequency Trading, for active order book
  • Portfolio Management, for price stabilization
  • Point-and-click and algorithmic trading
  • Market Penetration& Exchange Listing Strategies


Turnkey Development Solution for your Project
  • Writing Smart Contract
  • Deploying
  • Creating Website
  • Writing Whitepaper / Lightpaper
  • Telegram Bot / Airdrop
  • Integration with E-commerce
  • Security Audit Report
  • Integration with Exchange Platforms
  • And much more.

What is the Token Ticker?


What is the total supply of $OPUS?

1,000,000,000 $OPUS (1 Billion)

What is the circulating supply of $OPUS?

We are planning supply below amount

  • 1st stage: 100,000,000
  • 2nd Stage: 200,000,000
  • 3rd Stage: 200,000,000

Do you have social media accounts?

Yes, our official Social accounts are as follows:

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